Delve Into the Mountain

Welcome, loyal subject. I am your King, J. C. Weston II, fourteenth King of the Mountain, and this is my hall. Please, make yourself at home. This? Oh, this is my book. It contains my writings, my wisdom. Feel free to peruse it at your leisure.

Welcome, dear reader, to the Book of the Mountain King. I am the Mountain King, and this is a site for me to spill all of the strange things that come from my head.

Stuff I’m planning to put here: things I’ve written on /r/WritingPrompts, miscellaneous stuff I write like short stories, updates on the progress of stuff I’m writing which I try to get published, and the actual things if I give up on them.

I no longer write fanfiction, but the stuff I did write is still up. Here’s a link to my now-defunct author page.

Contact me:
Reddit: /u/-mountain-king-
Instagram: nxtm4n