Theme questions

There have been a few comments mentioning that the current font isn’t terribly easy to read. I took the time to look into font-changing, and it appears that there are two options.

First, upgrading from the current, free version of wordpress I’m using to a $100/year premium version, which allows you to change fonts willy-nilly. That’s less than $10/month, but it’s still unpalatable to me since I’m a poor college student without much income. What I could is see about setting up a Patreon so that I could get a little money and pay for the premium version.
Secondly, changing the theme of the blog. This is a little better, but still rather unsatisfying to me. I quite like the theme I have right now – it’s not without its problems, but a quick look over over themes with better fonts reveals that it’s hard to come by a theme which does what I need to do – have a drop-down menu system (letting people go to any TFT post easily) and be readable. There are ways around this. For example, I could put a link to each arc, chapter, or even scene in the TFT home post, which could be less convenient and certainly would take up a great deal of space.

So, I thought I’d put the question to you, my loyal readers. If I change the theme, it could be even more annoying to get to specific parts of the Family Trade, but it’ll become more readable (although less pretty, in my opinion). Or I could set up a Patreon, and rely on you guys to pay for a premium version of wordpress and change only the font. Or, of course, I could leave it as it is. If you’re reading this, please, express an opinion in the poll below, which will last for two weeks.