Dave is Still a Normal Guy

This story was recorded by Kadeu on Soundcloud!

Dave was on his way to the post office to pick up a care package his mother had sent him, when a dragon suddenly appeared and roared at him.

Dave stared at it for a moment. “Do you have anything to say, or are you just going to roar at me?” he asked.

The dragon roared again, this time a little uncertainly. So Dave roared back. “Raar!” he shouted at it. “See, I can roar too,” he said calmly. “It’s not impressive. Find someone else to roar at.”

The dragon blinked, apparently quite confused by Dave, and began to growl. So he slapped it on the snout. “None of that,” he said sternly. “Bad dragon! No growling.”

Now it was definitely confused. Faced with Dave’s unending calm, the dragon flattened itself to the ground, and after a moment, rolled over to expose its belly.

“No, I’m not interested in being your boss either,” Dave told it. “Just go bother someone else, I’m busy.”

The dragon kept baring its vulnerable belly for a moment, almost hopefully, then seemed to resign itself that Dave wouldn’t be cooperating, and slunk across the street to roar at another passerby.

Dave, meanwhile, continued on to the post office, where he declined to accept delivery of an ancient magical artifact, ignored the pleas of the young woman who had taken the place of his reflection in the bathroom mirror, and convinced a mysterious old wizard that he was still looking for someone else.