Gotham Radio

I won’t let myself be discouraged! Instead, let me share my progress on one of the other, non-writing things I’m doing right now. To make a long story (that’s not entirely mine to tell) short, I have a script for a radio play framed as an episode of a Gotham City broadcasting network, which I wrote with the intention of recording with friends several years ago. Back then, it was never actually finished, but now I’m redoing it with other friends. I’m still editing it all together, but all the lines have been recorded and I’m making good progress, so it ought to be finished in a few weeks. For now, here’s a preview of it: one of Harvey Dent’s campaign ads as he runs for mayor.

Batman and all associated characters and settings, including but not limited to Harvey Dent and Gotham City, are the property of DC Comics.

The voice of Harvey Dent is Christian Menza. The voice of Bruce Wayne is Matt Peters. The voice of Commissioner Gordon is Chris Melka. Thanks to the residents of Keefe Hall for providing miscellaneous voices.