Ruins of the Empire

So, little update on my plans for the future – I’m currently in the planning stages of a fantasy novel. I hope to have 20,000 words of it done by the end of November – it’s optimistic, but I think I can do it. Anyway, it’s a story about the return of magic to a world that, for a very long time, has only had the remnants of it. Here’s the prologue:

Once, long ago, there was a wizard. He was one of many wizards across the world, and had no special talent to distinguish himself from the rest of them. He lived a long and uninteresting life, but for one thing: that he discovered an unusual reaction between two spells, and dutifully noted it down in one of his journals.

Once, long ago, there was a wizard’s apprentice. She was one of three apprentices to her master, and was the most inquisitive and impulsive of the three. She lived a short and eventful life, but our story only concerns one thing which she did: that she was the one to inherit her master’s journals, and that upon finding this reaction she began using it in battle.

Once, long ago, there was a war. It was one of many wars between two countries, or perhaps merely the latest flaring of a single, very long war. It, too, is only related in small part to our story: that the wizard’s apprentice joined the war, and used her master’s discovery in it, and that this discovery quickly spread throughout all the battle-mages of her country.

Once, long ago, there was a mighty empire. It has more relevance to our story, but the main part of it is that it existed. That it existed, and it fell. For once, long ago, there was magic throughout the world, and now there is not.


4 thoughts on “Ruins of the Empire

  1. Aw… I was picturing the reaction of two spells draining magic from other magicians. But overuse drained magic from the WORLD!


  2. Sounds cool – I just hope the spell used in battle isn’t a metal disc enchanted to spin perpetually! You don’t want to end up in trouble a second time. 😉 j/K


    1. Nah, I’m not gonna rip off Larry Niven. I didn’t particularly like “The Magic Goes Away” anyway. I’m most likely going to leave the spell undefined, but my thinking is that it’s basically a gun (or at least, it serves the same purpose – something way better than any other weapons tech of the time).


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