Gotham City Radio

About a week or so ago, I announced and previewed a radio play I had written and was in the process of editing together. I am now finished, at least with a first mix of the show. It’s a few minutes shy of a half hour long, with nine scenes of varying length. Me and some nice and talented friends of mine recorded every line of dialogue in it. It’s pretty cool.

Here it is: enjoy!

I put references to as many Batman villains as I could fit. Some are more subtle than others. Some, unfortunately, I couldn’t get in at all. Please don’t feel slighted if your favorite rogue was missed.

The voice of Jack Ryder was Josh Weston. The voice of Vicki Vale was Mayna Chen. The voice of Bruce Wayne was Matt Peters. The voice of Lucius Fox was JJ Wanda. The voice of Commissioner Gordan was Chris Melka. The voice of Harvey Dent was Christian Menza. The voice of Oswald Cobblepot was Brian Brundage. The voice of the Joker was Philip J. Cancilla. The voice of the unfortunate intern was Brian Brundage. The voice of Batman was Matt Peters.

Script by Josh Weston. Background music by Josh Weston. Sound effects courtesy of

“March of the Gladiators” is by Julius Fučík and comes courtesy of Wikipedia. The music for Harvey Dent’s campaign ad comes courtesy of

Special thanks to John Bay, the residents of Keefe Hall, and the entire DC Comics company and anyone who has ever worked there.

Batman and all associated characters and settings are the property of DC Comics.